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Dame am Spiegel or The Last of the Eggs   Acrylic paint on old color photograph 19" X 23"   Read More...
"Appropriations" is a term I use for images and/or objects that are found and, in some way, reconfigured.

In 2010, I had two pieces in a group show at the Frauenmuseum in Bonn, Germany. The subject of the show was menopause. Before the opening, I learned that the directors didn't think the pieces I'd delivered had enough to do with the subject. So, one rainy night during my stay in town, I found this masonite-backed photograph of a fraulein carrying a basket in the trash outside a bar. From the string taped to the backside and the rough condition, I imagine it must have hung in the the bar for years and finally  been tossed. I fished it out, bought some paints and brushes and, in my hotel room, attempted to satisfy the directors' desire for greater specificity.